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Power of Positivity, The Power of Me

PowerOfMeCoverAll you need is you. Yeah that’s right I said it. Having an army behind you is a blessing for sure but to accomplish anything worthwhile it starts and ends with YOU. You are your own personal army the problem is you don’t know that yet. Cornell Thomas is an expert in motivating and inspiring others. His first book “The Power Of Positivity”-Controlling where the ball bounces has traveled all over the world helping others. An author, motivational speaker, and mentor to thousands of people across the globe Cornell’s mission is to change the world one book, speech, and quote at a time. Dreams without actions will always remain just a dream. This book is a call to action, and the only army you’ll need is inside of you.

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bryce thomas positivityAfter years of hard work and dedication, Cornell Thomas was only weeks away from playing professional basketball in Europe-a childhood dream come true.

But after sustaining a career ending injury, Cornell would have to walk away from that dream.. only to discover something even bigger: his life purpose. T

hrough the life lessons he learned growing up and the power of positive thinking Cornell was able to rebound from the biggest loss in his career.

Today he is helping thousands of people all over the country do the same, urging them to no longer ask, “Why me?” but “What now?”. The Power of Positivity is not just Cornell’s story of perseverance; it serves as a how to guide that offers a practical approach to dealing with adversity, pushing past “CAN’T”, and focusing on solutions not problems. The ball is in your hands-you control where it bounces!!

Published in 2013

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