confidenceWill you wake up early and stay late? Will you sacrifice what you like to accomplish what you love? Will you stop making excuses?

Will you put your dream first and your doubts second? Will you look in the mirror every day and believe in the reflection staring back at you?

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When I wake up in the morning I wait. It usually happens about an hour or so after I post my morning quotes. I hear a little rumbling from down the hall, and then I hear a faint daddy and brycevoice that say’s “da da”.  I stay in my bed for a little bit longer because I know the routine. A bottle has to be made, and an over anxious dog has to be let out before I can find the person behind this voice.

As mommy and I do rock, paper, scissors to choose who actually has to bear the cold and take the dog out I hear the voice again, this time it says daddy.

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imageBack in the days there was a toy called a chia pet. You folks that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s know exactly what I’m talking about.

Im not sure if it was a sheep or goat but the premise of this toy was to pour water on it, and then sit back and watch the fur grow.

Yes I know to all you young folks this doesn’t seem like much fun (and it wasn’t) but that’s not my point. With the chia pet all you had to do is add water and all the work was done.

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paul revereI remember being in some grade reading some story about a guy on a horse yelling something about British people. At that time I had no idea or to be honest in learning anything about Paul Revere. I would find out later on in life that he wasn’t the only one ringing the alarm about the British.

The difference between him and the other guy was people listened when he talked. He was part of a million social clubs and organizations so he was in the words of Malcolm Gladwell a connector.

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revolution-fistWhich one do you prefer? If you’re like the millions of people in the world frantically eating their “last” donut today before they start fresh tomorrow, I already know your answer. You see tomorrow morning every fitness gym in America will have a few extra visitors.

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article-0-073C938B000005DC-571_634x670Fear can be funny sometimes. Not in a I can’t believe this bear is still chasing me kind of way, but how it tricks our mind into making even the smallest molehill into a mountain.

For whatever reason that molehill for me was doing an assisted handstand. I throw in assisted just so you know how easily I was fooled into thinking this particular feet was life threatening.

I first tried while working out in the gym with two very brave workout partners avoiding kicks in the face to hold my legs up. Needless to say I wasn’t super successful on my first attempt.

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break_glass_520x196I can see them right in front of me. I know that I’m positioning myself to one day in the very near future accomplish every single one of them.

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ferguson1-2Change doesn’t happen without consent. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Change doesn’t happen without belief. Change doesn’t happen without some grief.

Change isn’t easy. Change takes time. Change is understanding that there’s a better way.

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That’s it. No I’m not going to stop writing, what I mean is that’s all the hours you get each day. Not enough right? Unfair? If we really break it down we only get about sixteen of those precious hours (if you sleep of course), and if we go even further another eight to ten of them are at work. So those twenty-four hours just turned to six. Damn!

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Post-30-OriginalSo many of our dreams are right in front of us. What we feel is so far away is closer than it seems.

Mostly everything we dream about doing has been accomplished by someone else. Do you want to be a billionaire? Done! Own your own business? Done! Make an invention that changes the landscape of the world? Done!

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