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You'll never know your limit until you push pass them.

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Welcome to Power of Positivity!


That’s the question most people spend their whole lives trying to answer.

I thought my purpose in life was to play professional basketball. In 2003 I received a contract to play professional basketball in Portugal. A dream I had since I discovered the sport at 16 finally came to fruition.

Two weeks before I was supposed to leave I suffered a career ending injury. Little did I know that injury helped me find my true purpose in life, which is helping and motivating others. In 2010, I decided I wanted to start a new movement. I was sickened by all of the negativity I was seeing online. I decided to start writing my own motivational quotes for my personal Facebook page. The quotes eventually led me to writing a blog, and the blog led to my first book “The Power Of Positivity-Controlling Where The Ball Bounces.”

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