paul revereI remember being in some grade reading some story about a guy on a horse yelling something about British people. At that time I had no idea or to be honest in learning anything about Paul Revere. I would find out later on in life that he wasn’t the only one ringing the alarm about the British.

The difference between him and the other guy was people listened when he talked. He was part of a million social clubs and organizations so he was in the words of Malcolm Gladwell a connector.

About five years ago I started posting my own motivational quotes/blogs online. I started reaching out to all of you guys every day. My face is probably on your timeline more than your own but I promise you there’s a method to my madness. You see I’m not trying to warn you about the British. I’m trying to warn you about a far more dangerous enemy, you!

You see mostly anything we want out of life we can get. Don’t believe me? Ok think of something you would love to be. It could be a famous actor, a CEO, a billionaire, a circus clown, lawyer, doctor, unicorn tamer, or anything else. Now ask yourself this question. Outside of the unicorn tamer profession, is there someone in some part of the world doing exactly what you want to do? The answer (insert drum roll) is YES!

The craziest thing about this is that same person doing what you’re dreaming of is human just like you. (If you’re not actually human please understand I’m not insensitive towards the alien race I’m just using this as an example) They put their pants on the same way you do, so what’s the difference? Why is your dream over when you wake up and theres keeps going? Well to be honest its you.

You don’t believe that it’s possible. You don’t realize that you’re good enough. Don’t worry its partly not your fault. We’ve been conditioned since we were little to think small and dream even smaller, but this is where I come in. I have to spread this message. I have to let you know the blueprint to everything you want is right in front of you. Im shouting it every day as long as I can. I don’t need you to listen, I need you to believe!

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revolution-fistWhich one do you prefer? If you’re like the millions of people in the world frantically eating their “last” donut today before they start fresh tomorrow, I already know your answer. You see tomorrow morning every fitness gym in America will have a few extra visitors.

People desperate to start a new routine. People desperate to change who they were just the day before. Some will still have the icing of that last donut on their fingers as they lace up their new sneakers. You see out of those millions of resolutions that were made, most will be broken by the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking. How dare I tell you that you might fail! I don’t know what you’re made of! Aren’t I supposed to be the guy that speaks about positivity? All those responses are true but I’m not writing this to make you feel better. I’m writing you this to let you know the reason your resolutions don’t make it to February.

The definition of the word resolution is, “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem etc.” Now if you break that down a little further, all we’re doing is looking for an answer, it doesn’t say anything about what to do once we find it. That is why I want you to try a new approach this year. Screw the resolution, start a revolution.

A revolution is “a complete change from one constitution to another, or modification of an existing constitution”. That my friend sounds like a plan of action. Revolt against your old mindset, revolt against your comfort zone, and revolt against that little voice in your head saying that you cant accomplish anything you put your mind, heart, and soul to.

I’m starting a revolution today who’s with me?

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article-0-073C938B000005DC-571_634x670Fear can be funny sometimes. Not in a I can’t believe this bear is still chasing me kind of way, but how it tricks our mind into making even the smallest molehill into a mountain.

For whatever reason that molehill for me was doing an assisted handstand. I throw in assisted just so you know how easily I was fooled into thinking this particular feet was life threatening.

I first tried while working out in the gym with two very brave workout partners avoiding kicks in the face to hold my legs up. Needless to say I wasn’t super successful on my first attempt.

The second time I tried was in yoga, and being that one of my legs weighs the same amount as my instructor I aborted the mission before I hurt the both of us. Flashback to this past Sunday. One of the kids I work with and I got to the gym early before our basketball session and I expressed my goal of getting a handstand. She’s a former cheerleader so in about a second her feet were up in the air and safely landing on the wall for balance. After some instruction my feet were doing the same exact thing. Now mind you I haven’t done this without help in all my years on earth, and for some reason on this particular Sunday it happens. What the heck?!?!? Were the stars aligned just right? Did I turn into a 125lb gymnast overnight? No my friends I just said screw it and went for it.

I was so focused on the reasons why I couldn’t do it that I never entertained the fact that I most likely could. I was doing what I tell people not to do on a daily basis. I was focused on past failed attempts, I was picturing me going through the wall like the Kool-Aid man, and I kept remembering the story about the little Spanish kid on the movie Breakin who broke his neck doing a head-spin. Yeah my mind is a little out there but the bottom line is I was feeding my mind nothing but negative images and messages. On Sunday I turned my mind off and just did it, and after that I did it again, and again. After the fourth time I was more mad at myself than anything. I couldn’t believe I didn’t roll over this speed bump a long time ago.

My obstacle was a handstand, yours might be something completely different. Maybe its losing 20lbs, going on that job interview, asking the girl out that has you in the friend zone, whatever it is ask yourself one question. Is this as bad as being chased by a bear? No? Awesome then get to it!!

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break_glass_520x196I can see them right in front of me. I know that I’m positioning myself to one day in the very near future accomplish every single one of them.

Their like looking at something in a glass case, I have them in my hand but I’m still on the outside. It’s almost like their taunting me, daring me to find a way in.

I know that my work ethic will eventually break this glass. I know that this glass isn’t as formidable as my mind would like me to believe sometimes. Eventually I will realize there is no glass. The glass is just a figment of my imagination put there by my own doubts and fears.

I believe so much in me that I smile every step closer I get to them. Every book I write, every life I help, every new person I meet, I smile. I know that their time is limited, and I believe they know it to. It’s not a love/hate thing between us its all love. It’s like almost beating your big brother in a race, or finally scoring a legitimate basket on your dad in the driveway. They know its coming, maybe not today but they know.

They eventually stop agreeing to race with you at all. Dad’s “back injury” from college that has never appeared before is now flaring up when you ask to play 1 on 1 against him. You’re closing the gap faster than a cheetah does with its prey, and man do they know it.

Every morning I wake up the universe allows me another shot at it. That’s why I’m up so early, that’s why I send a million tweets at the crack of dawn, and that’s why I know their days are numbered. I’m relentless, I never want them to feel comfortable, I always want them to feel hunted.

My goals can’t run forever. I tell people to chase their dreams until their dreams get tired of running from them. That’s what I’m doing now. I don’t get tired, I don’t let doubt make that glass wall thicker than it really is, and I am way to stubborn to let any door that closes make me think that there’s not another one I could open.

I will pick them off one by one, some of you without even knowing it will help me on my mission and for that I thank you. I also hope that you know that I’m here for you as well. We will break through the glass, believe!!!

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ferguson1-2Change doesn’t happen without consent. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Change doesn’t happen without belief. Change doesn’t happen without some grief.

Change isn’t easy. Change takes time. Change is understanding that there’s a better way.

Change is realizing that what happened yesterday can no longer happen today.

Change is not the acceptance of old ideals; it’s the creation of new ones.

Change is not the responsibility of just one person. Change takes a nation of open minds.

Change is not biased. Change is not turning Watts into LA and then into Ferguson. Change is not about finding justice its about stopping injustice. Change is not letting the media divide. Change is not about picking sides.

Change is not killing unarmed men regardless if like all of us they sin. Change is finding out why. Change is sometimes allowing logic to override emotion. Change is not hating someone else that has a different notion.

Change is not condemning a race, an occupation, a country, a religion, a sex, a belief, or anything else based on one person. Change is not telling me that all police officers are bad, because my brother was one and so was my dad.

Change can happen when we stop. When we stop and realize there will be no justice without a better justice system. When we stop having black leaders and start leading ourselves. When we stop judging people by baggy pants and hoodies. When the color of someone’s skin doesn’t mask the intentions of their heart.

It can’t happen. It won’t happen. If the pattern repeats. If hate is the only thing we allow ourselves to see. Ask yourself what the world needs.

It needs change.

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That’s it. No I’m not going to stop writing, what I mean is that’s all the hours you get each day. Not enough right? Unfair? If we really break it down we only get about sixteen of those precious hours (if you sleep of course), and if we go even further another eight to ten of them are at work. So those twenty-four hours just turned to six. Damn!

There are not enough hours in the day. Have you said that to yourself before? I have plenty of times, and guess what? We’re wrong. It’s not the lack of hours that kills our day it’s how we actually manage those hours that does. What I’m saying here folks is that you have to ask yourself if you’re maximizing the few hours that you have each day.

Right now it’s 2:24am and I’m writing my blog. Yes I’m a little extreme but I know for a fact that in five hours my 18month old will be awake. For you that don’t know Bryce or do not have children of your own that means ME TIME IS OVER. So things like writing a blog, using the bathroom, or watching anything on television besides the movie Cars is not going to happen.

To write this blog I have to sacrifice. In this case it might be a couple extra hours of sleep. For you maybe it might be not zoning out to the real housewives of (insert state here) for five hours after work. You have to find a way to make these hours work for you, because as you know once their gone there’s no getting them back.

Another way to look at the hour shortage is what if you didn’t have any time at all? When you look at it from that angle you appreciate what you have more than what you don’t. When you dig a little further you realize that that time can be taken away from us without notice. On that note I’m sorry for the five minutes I borrowed go make the most of your twenty-four!!


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Post-30-OriginalSo many of our dreams are right in front of us. What we feel is so far away is closer than it seems.

Mostly everything we dream about doing has been accomplished by someone else. Do you want to be a billionaire? Done! Own your own business? Done! Make an invention that changes the landscape of the world? Done!

So ask yourself what’s the difference between you and the person that did it.  (Insert excuses here)

Excuses like I don’t have any money, education, background, influence, or what have you were most likely present to the people that accomplished the same dream you’re pursuing. The truth of the matter is that most of the visionaries out there dreaming with their eyes open had the same circumstances you do.

The difference my friends is they didn’t use those circumstances as a crutch. They realized that with hard work and belief in themselves their dreams could come true. They also realized that any dream no matter how big is only as far away as you believe it is.

Just seventy or so years ago it was said traveling to the moon was impossible. We didn’t have the technology, it would be a suicide mission, and on and on. Then somehow we ended up landing on it. Flash-forward to today and they’re actually talking about taking tours into outer space for normal folks (well not normal folks super rich folks).

The reach exceeded the limits of most people’s imagination. What worries me is that this knowledge isn’t passed down from generation to generation. In fact the opposite occurs. Instead of telling little Sally that there are 400 or so girls that are in the WNBA, we tell her about the millions that are not. So Sally’s reach never travels as far as it could.

When I talk to people my job is to empower them. I do this by allowing them to reach. They’re not afraid to tell me their dreams because they know I’m a dreamer. Let me rephrase that I’m an “active dreamer”. I figured out the equation a little while ago. Dreams + Action + Belief – Doubt – Fear – White Noise= whatever dream you’re wishing for. I have not discovered how far my reach can go yet, and to be honest I don’t think I ever will.

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200399906-001Who’s in your inner circle? Do they make you better? Do they ground you or drown you? Are they energy givers or energy takers?

Now you might think these questions are a tad invasive but it’s something that you have to know. Who you’re around everyday has a direct affect on who you are every day. Does that make sense?

Think about two different environments. The first one is you’re living in a house with four people that sit on the couch all day and play video games. They don’t workout, they have no hopes or dreams, and zero motivation to improve themselves. In the second environment you have the complete opposite. All four roommates are successful in every aspect of their lives. The have a positive outlook every day, they’re encouraging, and are constantly striving to improve not only themselves but also each other. What environment do you think you’d strive in?

When I was younger mom used to hit my siblings and I with so many phrases it’s amazing that we remembered any of them. When it came to us choosing friends one of her favorites was, “Birds of a feather flock together”. This basically meant that if we were around successful people we’d most likely be successful.

In contrast if we hung out with people that weren’t doing anything with their lives the opposite would occur. That phrase has stayed with me through the years, and I can honestly say that I don’t have one negative, lazy, or unmotivated person in my inner circle.

It’s sometimes hard for us to let go of anchors in our lives, people that hold us down in a negative way. What we have to understand is that our time on earth is very limited, so why waste it around people that aren’t going to encourage and uplift us? So make sure the flock you’re flying with is going in the right direction.


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ImgSelfConfidenceBannerI encountered a funny question a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a speech in Lakeview Michigan. A student in the crowd asked me how long I’ve been a motivational speaker.

Whenever I’m asked this question its hard not to smile on the inside. Most people expect this long-winded story of a young boy with a dream to inspire the masses, but that’s not how this fairy tale goes.  To be completely honest I’ve only been speaking (to non basketball folks) for about eight months.

When I wrote my first book last year I told myself that I wanted to be a motivational speaker. I started speaking wherever anyone wanted to hear my story. My first speech was at a friends dance studio to about fifteen of her employees. I’ll never forget the feeling I had driving home after my speech that day. It felt great to impact other people’s lives. After that day I told myself that I would eventually speak in front of thousands of people. I started doing import speeches in my car on the way to work. I know that anyone who must of saw me at a stop light during one of those speeches was either really inspired or really scared.

A month or so later I spoke to a small group of students at a local college. Then I traveled to Boston two weeks after that to speak again at another college. Opportunities were happening because I was putting myself out there. At that time I was paying my way to work on my new craft, but the experience was more than worth it.

The next thing I knew I was booking a flight to speak in Las Vegas. From there I ended up speaking in Michigan, and just recently in Wisconsin. In thirteen days I’ll be back in Vegas speaking with three other world changers at their event. I think back to eight months ago and one message sticks out amongst the others, “See it and then be it”.

Speaking is what I wanted to do so I went out and did it. There wasn’t some elaborate story of overcoming adversity to be a speaker. I put in my mind that I wanted to share my story to help inspire the world. I didn’t weigh the pro’s and con’s because there are no cons when you’re chasing your passion and purpose, but that wasn’t the only thing I had to do. It wasn’t just seeing what I had to do, I had to take action towards making that vision a reality.

So my first question to you is what do you want to be? My second question is why aren’t you being it right now? If you can see it you can be it my friends, GO GET IT!!!



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IMG_0435Right now its 2:55am Eastern Standard Time. I’m wide-awake writing this blog as I listen to my son in the other room talk in his sleep. He’s said “dada” about thirty times, “car” maybe 20, and the rest is a flow of gibberish that I know will be hilarious when he starts to form sentences.

My sleeping patterns are not like most people. To put it simply I’m usually awake when you’re asleep. My mind only stops going in short four or five-hour spurts after that It’s back on. Studies show this isn’t particularly good for you. I believe the recommended hours of sleep per night are somewhere around 8, but if I followed that rule I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now.

I kind of get up when I get up. I haven’t used an alarm clock since the one I had in college broke five years ago. My new alarm clock is purpose. I discovered it about ten years ago. I know that this blog is meant to happen because someone somewhere might need to see it. Helping others is what I was put on this earth to do and that purpose is confirmed everyday. My daily routine goes as follows. Wake up, think of the quote of the day, post quote, and then help get Bryce ready. The last part “post quote” usually takes about fifteen minutes. For you guys that still follow me on twitter (thank you) you know that I send my quote out to about sixty people every day. That process takes exactly ten minutes; the other five is dedicated to finding a picture for the quote on instagram. Once that’s complete I’m off and running.

My life revolves around the people that are in it. Family first and then it spreads to the outside world. When I wake up these people are on my mind. I wonder about my mom, siblings, friends, the kids I train, and anyone else that are in my life either past or present. I’ll send random text messages to people that I haven’t talked to in months because for whatever reason they’ve popped up in my head. I love that a simple quote, blog, or text can make someone’s day. It makes my job of helping others a lot easier. I can’t physically be with everyone so I can reach out to them in other ways.

What wakes you up in the middle of the night? If you have children then I already know your answer, but think about it. When you’re excited and passionate about something you’re up before that annoying alarm with the cow mooing goes off. I believe that passion comes when you find your purpose. When you know what you’re meant to be doing you can feel it. No one else can tell you, its like your spidey senses come on and you just know. When I go and speak that’s one of the major things I talk about. Going out and discovering why you’re here, and once you do you’ll most likely never sleep the same again.


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